Chemical Peels

Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals

The Proven Multi-layer Skin Renewal System
Fitness Analogy: Basic Skin Health & Fitness

If you want the absolute best results science can deliver, and do not mind a few synthetic ingredients or bioengineered technologies, then you are ready to start with PRIORI® Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals on a pathway that will ultimately lead you to PRIORI® Superceuticals® with Idebenone Complex. It’s best to start with a two-tiered approach here, similar to any person just entering a fitness regime; you simply cannot start with the triathlon, you must first start with basic training—it’s no different for your skin! The latest AHA technological advances utilizes a novel LCA complex that combines Lactic Acid and a multifunctional essential skin vitamin complex (Vit A, Vit E, Vit C, & Pro-Vit A) in a time released formulation to enhance product performance and results. The first step in the PRIORI® skincare collection designed to restore basic skin health and fitness that is the foundation of any skincare regimen.

Idebenone COMPLEX Superceuticals®

The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Antioxidant
Fitness Analogy: The Triathlon of Skin Fitness

Once your skin is in a great shape and has reached a plateau of skin benefits from Advanced AHA, you are now ready to graduate to the ultimate level of skin rejuvenation – the Triathlon of Skin Fitness – PRIORI® Superceuticals® with Idebenone Complex, the first ever antioxidant skin therapy system that targets aging at the cellular source, the mitochondria, and provides the highest level of topical free radical protection – EPF® 95+. Ideal for consumers who have reached a plateau with their current skincare regimen and want more: the “triathlon” of skin fitness. The second step in the PRIORI® anti-aging skincare treatment program, after the client has maximized skin health and fitness with Advanced AHA.