Hormone pellets are the best, most natural way to deliver hormones in both men and women. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of bio-identical hormones providing optimal therapy.

What are Hormone Pellets?

Hormone PelletsPellets are made up of a natural plant source containing estrogen and testosterone. The hormones, estrogen and testosterone, are pressed or fused into very small solid cylinders. The pellets are larger than a grain of rice and smaller than a ‘Tic Tac’. In the United States, pellets are made by a licensed compounding pharmacist and delivered in sterile glass vials. These pellets are placed in the fatty tissue underneath the skin and mimic the actions of healthy ovaries and testicles with regards to hormone release into the bloodstream. The hormone pellet implantation procedure is easily performed in a doctors office.


Hormone Pellet Therapy for Women

In Studies pellets have been shown to be extremely effective in women for relief of menopausal symptoms, maintenance of bone density, better sleep patterns, and improvement of sex drive, libido, sexual response and performance, relief of depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, and much more. Pellet implants have been used to treat migraines and menstrual headaches. It also helps with vaginal dryness, incontinence, and problems with urinary urgency. In addition, hundreds of studies show natural testosterone to be HIGHLY PREVENTATIVE against breast cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s dementia, and other chronic disorders.

Hormone Pellet Therapy for Men

Testosterone levels begin to decline in men beginning in their early 30’s and most men need to be tested around 45 years of age. Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men include fatigue, lack of mental acuity, loss of sex drive, and difficulty achieving, or sustaining erection. Hormone therapy treats all symptoms of testosterone deficiency and its never to late to acquire the benefits.
Pellet Therapy achieves the sustained levels testosterone that would be produced by normally functioning testicles. This form of therapy is the only kind that produces the natural level of hormone that men need to function correctly. Because the testosterone used is completely natural, Pellet Therapy is ideal for men wanting benefits of a natural hormone and not synthetic that has many drawbacks. Studies show optimal testosterone levels in men have preventative effects for many disease such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, and many more.
Typical oral and transdermal forms of therapy produce “roller coaster” blood levels of testosterone, which can result in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient. Rollercoaster levels of hormones do not have the same long term benefits as steady state hormone in the bloodstream

Why use Hormone Therapy?

Since pellet therapy uses natural bio identical hormones, it is ideal for anyone who wants to benefit from hormone replacement therapy without the negatives of synthetic hormone compounds. But, this isn’t the only benefit associated with pellet implants. Some other advantages include:

  • Convenience: Unlike other hormone products that must be taken or applied once or twice a day, hormone pellets last for about four months in women and up to six months in men.
  • Safety: Since bio identical hormone pellets deliver steady levels of hormones, the body is able to absorb the amount of hormones it needs in a regular manner. In addition, unlike hormones included in oral combinations, which increase the production of clotting factors when passing through the liver during metabolism, hormone pellets are absorbed directly into the blood stream, thus decreasing the risk of stroke and heart attack. Another essential thing is that natural hormone pellets have no side effects.
  • Efficiency: Compared with other hormone replacement methods, hormone pellet therapy has by far given the greatest relief from most symptoms relating to menopause and andropause, including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, skin issues, osteoporosis and weight gain.
  • Dosing Adjustment: If the dose is inadequate, adjustments can be made through supplementation with different hormone pellets or another bio identical hormone replacement method.